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A Wedding to Remember. 10 Signs You Reeled in the Catch of Your Life

----Whatever. For Forever. Please.----


Their love for each other is so indescribable that it makes even the most cynical of love believe in fairytale endings. It was truly an honor as Crate Memories to watch their relationship grow into the beautiful creation it is today. The celebrations, the love, the laughter, and most importantly, their friendship with each other is literally to.die.for. From the day they met to the moment they said “I Do,” we were envious. To be able to experience and embody this sweet couple one day would be a true blessing.

Now on to our list… truly inspired by our newlywed, Kerns. Enjoy!

1. He’s literally your BFFF.
  • He listens to every rant about every topic about everybody and anybody you know [even if it’s against his will]. Let’s face it – he’s not only your best friend, fiancé, and future father to your kids - he’s your girlfriend, sometimes a replacement Mom, often a replacement Dad, but most importantly, the cheese to your macaroni.

    2. You two can eat your way through the Wall of China and be completely OK with it.
  • And by this, we mean, becoming fat is no longer a lingering thought in your head. You both self-indulge in any and every delicious ounce of food that comes your way. Indulging together is plain amazing.

    3. Your nicknames for each other are outright absurd.
  • Honestly ladies. The nicknames you choose for your man is nothing short of embarrassing. You know you found the one when he has no problem you calling him it in public – yet alone, around friends and family. What’s your nickname for your hunny bun?

    4. Believe it or not, you’re a Momma and Daddy.
  • This one is for our animal lovers out there. Whether your puppy, multiple puppies, kitty cats, fishies, or maybe a lil pet piglet, he’s always there to take on role of Daddy. Your animals are both of your children and he’s secure enough to admit that.

    5. Vegging out on the couch is considered quality alone time.
  • Both of you can go out all night and hang with friends but the best time spent is literally melting into the couch propped up with a bottle of wine and perhaps a riveting Netflix series [Making A Murderer???].

    6. Your leftovers are always his favorite meal.
  • He’s the one who wants you to order the larger portion just so he can devour it later… or right after he finishes his own meal. Sharing is key to your relationship. When at a restaurant, you both order different entrees just so you can munch off of each other’s plates.

    7. He’s your home.
  • As cliché as this sounds, no matter where you are in the world, he will always be home. Even if you’re not physically together, one phone call, one text, or one emoji can change your whole day. He will always be the one you run to no matter how desperate the situation is.

    8. Spooning is great until it becomes a hot mess.
  • We all know what that means. He lets you put your stone cold feet on him. He intertwines his legs with yours which is sweet and all until it turns into a sauna under those sheets. You know he’s the one when you’ve reached that hot sticky mess level of your relationship.

    9. His family is yours and vice versa.
  • His family has pretty much taken you in under their wing. Anything that involves him now involves you and you know in the future that they’ll be there for you just as your own family has been your whole life. Basically, “he” is now a “we” or as we say in Texas, a “y’all.”

    10. You know he’ll make the best Daddy to your future children.
  • Of course we had to save the best for last. You know in your heart that he’ll be the most amazing, loving and supportive father to your children. He’ll be the one to pick up the pieces and play the games. You know you reeled in the catch of your life the moment you see the way he holds your children; it’ll melt your heart hotter than the Sahara Desert.

  • Was it the way you two met or was it how he woo-d you? No matter the case, it happened. Love is more than just a feeling; we believe it’s a creation. And how you lead up to the big day is quite the undertaking and overwhelming to say the least. Surrounding yourself with the closest of family and friends is a blessing but also a task. From customizing your crate to choosing an all white wedding bliss crate filled with ruffled streamers, we're here to create a love of our own for you. &&Wedding showers to bridal showers – we strive to help your engagement be as blissful as possible. Cheers!


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