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From Corporate to Crates

Crates came about after its starter, a Gen Y-er, had breathed the classic corporate nine to five lifestyle. Inspired by her entrepreneurial late father, and armed with a business degree, she wanted to not only leave corporate but revamp the image of “corporate.”

Though, it was noted that Gen Y had a knack for decorating its cubicles, offices, break rooms and more. While the decorations were a softening touch to the gray corporate world, it was a stretch and a hassle for co-workers to obtain the decoration supplies- most often a last minute thought and simply no time.

From Corporate to Crates

It’s been done before but not as easy as this. Our service is ideal for small spaces. We simply provide you with a crate filled with all of the basic decorating supplies you would need for your occasion, and it’s up to you to decorate the space exactly how you’d like!





+Hospital Rooms

+Dorm Rooms

+Teachers’ Lounges


From Our Door To Yours

It’s much more convenient to take the easy route and select one of our crates. The ability to actually enjoy the decorating and create a space of your own for a co-worker, friend, or family member is a memory in itself!

We’re currently headquartered in Houston, TX and happily ship you your hand packaged crate. We want to know our customers, hand package your product, and service you the best way we know how!


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