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7 How-To’s on Being Single

With the upcoming release of the romantic comedy, How to Be Single, we wanted to throw in our two cents about the struggles and amazingness all rolled into one about being single. Not to mention, the countdown to the often infamous, FEB 14TH, that is haunting us.

1. Surround yourself with both like-minded single friends and wifed-up ones. Both will be able give you advice from 360 perspectives. Trust us.

2. Don’t be desperate. You know that saying, “a watched pot never boils?” Same goes for being single. We like to think it’ll happen on its own so don’t overthink how you’re going to meet your soul mate…or short-time mate.

3. Be able to be happy alone.

4. Go out on the town with your best friends, your new friends, and undoubtedly, your male BFFs. Where there’s one male, there’s always bound to be more, right?

5. The usual – Play Hard to Get. Try to resist the urge to text him first/ask what he’s doing/who he’s with/etc. While men do play the game, it’s up to you to play it better. If he doesn’t text you, he may just be too busy at that moment but we don’t recommend that you completely write him off. Now, if he doesn’t call you then… just forget it. A man who’s interested will always call.

6. Walk the walk. Talk the talk. As in, don’t lie to improve your own resume and don’t be anything short of classy. You’ll know the right time when it’s time to be a little inappropriate.

7. Say Yes. Be able to stay open-minded. This doesn’t mean be adventurous beyond your comfort zone but say Yes enough times to welcome new opportunities. New opportunities bring on new places, new trips, new happy hours, and of course, a possible new love.

7 Struggles on Being Single

1. Your addiction to social media is like a double edged sword. You simply cannot just enjoy a daily newsfeed scroll without embarking on a couple’s new engagement, new marriage, pregnancy announcements, etc… need we go on? It’s.A.Struggle.

2. Wondering if your man will ever wife you up. The question is not to ask if you’re good enough but to ask if he’s ready.

3. The wrenching reality hits home every time you receive a wedding invitation without a “Plus 1.”

4. It’s the norm for you to always be the 3rd or 15th wheel when going out in your circle of coupled-up friends. And that unwanted attention from your waiter asking who’s check you’re on? Just.Me.By.Myself.Thanks.

5. Trying to meet every single guy in your city. Finally meeting them and still ending up alone. No matter how many frogs you kiss, it’s inevitable that something will for sure go wrong.

6. Learning how to be single all over again. Get out of your funk and get back in the game. No matter a long or short term relationship, reality is that it’s over. Train yourself how to talk, dress, charm, and sadly enough, text and call again and again.

7. Holidays and family reunions are anything but amusing. Every family member and family member friends want to know why you are still unluckily single – being a ‘catch’ like you and all. Classic questions include: When are you getting married? Who are you dating? Why did you break up? … etc.

So what, you’re single? Throw you and your other single girlfriends a PITY PARTY!


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